The Mix


Bloody Maria is intentionally simple to make it easy to MIX IT UP!

Bloody Maria Mix was created in a jar for freshness, and functionality. A healthy blend of tomato, celery, carrot, cooked together to enhance the flavor of the natural ingredients. The product has no preservatives, and is both Kosher and Gluten-Free. The mix can be added to vodka, tequila or beer,  and enjoyed as a complete non-alcoholic beverage.

The mixer is a versatile cooking ingredient, as a substitute for tomato. Many of the vegetables used in Bloody Maria Mix are farmed in Southern New Mexico and Arizona, all responsibly sourced to compliment the flavor of Hatch Green Chile. Green Chile is a regional favorite, a simple kick with a lasting impression.

‘Bloody Maria’ is also the name of a cocktail, a Bloody Mary with Tequila - one of the many ways to enjoy this product.