Best Low Sodium Bloody Mary Recipe

December 27, 2022

Best Low Sodium Bloody Mary Recipe

When most people think about drinking a healthy cocktail they often think of a Bloody Mary because of its tomato juice base. Vegetables are good, right? In this blog post, we'll compare the nutritional content of Bloody Mary's and other tomato drinks to see if we can find the best low low sodium Bloody Mary recipe. Stay tuned to find out!

What’s really in a Bloody Mary?

Have you ever stopped to wonder what exactly is in Bloody Mary Mix and more importantly, are they actually good for you? 

We're taking a closer look at the ingredients in this popular beverage to see if it's really as healthy as people think it is. 

Spoiler alert: Not all tomato cocktail mixes and drinks are created equal, and they're definitely not as healthy as you think! 

We have a solution... it's Bloody Maria!

Here’s the thing, sauces and mixes that are all things tomatoes usually means they contain lots of salt. 

From tomato sauce to tomato juice. It’s a fact and we suggest you start looking at the labels. Some even have added sugars you may want to avoid. 

Do we suggest salt free tomato juice?

You can try it, but it’s very bland. But if you need that option for health reasons, please do use it.  We are here advocating taste and a healthy balance that doesn’t blow your daily sodium intake in one or two drinks. 

We think that’s crazy. 

We here at Bloody Maria Mix like some salt and seasoning and more importantly some spice. That's why we Mix It Up!

Ya know, we never did love the big box store brand of bloody mary mix you may know so we decided to cook our mix differently.

The results ARE healthier for you!


Looking for a low salt recipe for your favorite tomato cocktails?

If you love drinking bloody marys and micheladas, but you hate the sodium content and you've tried using no sodium or low sodium mixes before, they never work for you! 

Bloody Maria Mix is a great way to make delicious low-sodium cocktails at home without sacrificing taste or quality.

Compare our brand with others, you can enjoy an authentic tasting bloody mary without all the salt found in other mixes on the market today.

Here's what to look for when reading labels plus what you should know about Bloody Maria Mix specifically:

  1. Size per service. We know it’s easy to get right down to the nutrition facts, but slow your roll.. And look at the service size first.  Compare Tomatoes to Tomatoes friends.
  2. Sodium. It’s super important when working with sauces especially made with a tomato base to look at sodium (and sugar… that’s next)
  3. Sugar. There’s so many red sauces, ketchups, spaghetti sauce etc, that add sugars to their recipe.  Hey, we’re fine if you want to sweeten the pot when you’re making things at home, but we aren't adding that to our mix and think the vegetables are sweet enough on their own.
  4. Spices. Quality spices locally sourced if what we’re looking for that’s why we use the chiles from New Mexico and support local farmers as much as we possibly can.
  5. Additives. Hold the Preservatives Please. Our jars are packaged without any preservatives but the plastic squeeze bottle does have


What's the Best Low Sodium Bloody Mary Recipe?

Any cocktail that uses Bloody Maria Mx.  

Bloody Mary / Bloody Maria

Bloody Maria Mix: 4 Oz
Spirit: 2 Oz

1.  In a salt-rimmed glass full of ice add spirit and mix. 

2. Top it off with a splash of lemon, lime, olive or pepperoncini juice.  

3. Garnish in the most creative ways! 


When you want an “all things tomato” mixer you can make cocktails with AND cook with, we think you’ll love our Bloody Maria Mix. It’s the perfect way to add some flavor (and nutrients) to your favorite recipes. Plus, it fits perfectly into a healthy balanced lifestyle. Ready to give it a try? 

Best Low Sodium Bloody Mary Recipe_ Bloody Maria Mix



Head over to our SHOP PAGE (go ahead and click here now).  


GO HERE to grab a free copy of cookbook Mix It Up for delicious recipes that include our mix. 

We hope you enjoy them!







Nutrition Facts:

Best Low Sodium Bloody Mary Recipe_bloody maria mix
Best Low SBest Low Sodium Bloody Mary Recipe_bloody maria mix


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