Bloody Maria Deviled Eggs

July 19, 2018

Bloody Maria Deviled Eggs

Whatever the occasion, our party recipes are fast and easy because they use Bloody MariaSpicy Deviled Eggs are FUN! Add a Bloody Mary and you have BRUNCH!  

Start with Spicy Mayo Dressing:
Mayonaise 1/4 cup
Bloody Maria Mix 1/4 cup

Spicy Deviled Eggs

1. Mix equal parts mayonaise with Bloody Maria Mix to make a perfect dressing for your stuffed avocados. 

2. Add in your preferred fillers like garbanzo beans, crab, and tuna. 

3. Top with a squeeze of lime and cilantro.

Eggs 6

 1. Hard Boil Eggs.  Our method is to add cold eggs to a pot and  cover with water. Bring to a boil.  Once water is at a rapid boil, cook for 8 minutes.  Remove from heat.  Rinse in ice cold water.  Peel when cool. 

2. Slice eggs in half.  Remove yolks into a bowl. Mash with a fork and top with enough Spicy Mayo Dressing for desired consitency. Mix together. 

3. Refill hard boiled egg whites with filling.  Top with your favorite salt & pepper mix.  We used Tajin in the recipe above for a little extra burst of lime!