Bloody Maria Michelada Shrimp

July 19, 2018

Bloody Maria Michelada Shrimp

Making Drunken Shrimp is nothing new... But adding beer & Bloody Maria Mix takes them to a whole new level!  This Michelada ( beer + Bloody Maria Mix) Recipe is exactly what your shrimp dinners have been missing! 

Bloody Maria Michelada Shrimp

Shrimp 1 pound
Bloody Maria Mix 1/2 cup
Light Beer 1/2 cup
Lime 1 wedge
Cilantro 1 tsp


1. Clean, devein, peel shrimp

2.Lightly season shrimp with salt & pepper

3. Cook on medium high heat in beer and Bloody Maria Mix for 3-5 mins depending on the size of shrimp

4. Serve as a main dish, on tacos, chop into party dips or Bloody Maria Cocktail Salad, on Bloody Maria Cocktails and so much more!