Bloody Maria Soup - Gazpacho

July 19, 2018

Bloody Maria Soup - Gazpacho

Make Bloody Mary Soup and this gazpacho recipe as a fun party appetizer... just add vodka & serve in shooters!

Bloody Mary Soup / Gazpacho

Red Onion 1/4 cup
Celery 1/4 cup
Zucchini 1/4 cup
Cucumber 1/4 cup
Red Pepper 1/4 cup
Bloody Maria Mix 1 cup
Lime 1 - juiced
Salt & Pepper 


Dice equal amount of veggies.  Add Bloody Maria Mix, lime juice, veggies and blend. Save a small portion of the veggies to add to the blended soup if you want a thicker texture. Add salt & pepper to taste. Chill for an hour and serve cold. Top with avocado, crab, or shrimp. 

Mix It Up by adding a shot of Vodka / Tequila per bowl at serving time!