Bloody Mary (Vodka) Bloody Maria (Tequila)

July 18, 2018

Bloody Mary (Vodka) Bloody Maria (Tequila)

Whether you like it with Vodka ( a Bloody Mary ) or with Tequila ( a Bloody Maria ), the traditional Bloody is a fan favorite!  Bloody Maria Mix started with the New Mexican Chile tradition in mind and natural ingredients to create a perfectly spiced easy to use mix.  Drink Mix Cook with it.  It's THAT versatile!  

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Bloody Mary / Bloody Maria

Bloody Maria Mix 4 Oz
Spirit  2 Oz

1.  In a salt-rimmed glass full of ice add spirit and mix. 

Top it off with a splash of lemon, lime, olive or pepperoncini juice.  

Garnish in the most 

creative ways! 

We love Wild & Crazy Bloody Mary Pics!  

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